A Proven Franchise System With Diversified Revenue Streams and A Track Record of Success

If there is one thing you can count on it's that people are never going to stop moving. Canada as a nation, is always on the move. About half of Canadian households have either moved within the past five years or intend to do so within the next five! 

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s franchising model is more than just a checklist – it’s a detailed, organized system with diversified revenue streams and subject matter experts to lead our franchisees toward success. From our traditional home moving service to long-distance relocation, packing, storage, junk removal, and specialty moving options – we’re the one-stop-shop for all moving needs.

For almost 4 decades, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchising model has paved the way in the moving industry with innovative ideas and processes. One of the ways we have achieved our record growth is by creating as many revenue streams as possible for our franchisees.

This emphasis on diversified revenue and profitability is how we’ve expand our brand reach to more than 350 locations across the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We're not slowing down, either! We continue to expand our brand footprint across Canada, and have territories available in Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick.

A Profitable Business Opportunity Awaits

Why Franchise With TWO MEN AND A TRUCK?

Franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to own a business, give back to your community, and work in a proven culture of success as you become part of a internationally-recognized brand.

15 +

Years of Year Over Year Growth in Canada

Our Canadian franchise locations have experienced more than 15 years of significant year over year sales growth.

Customer Referral Rate

Our customers have always been our biggest source of referrals, recommending us to friends and family after using our services.

Highest Annual Gross Sales (Single-unit)

Our top Canadian franchise continues to lead the system in showing how successful a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK operation can be.


Some units have sold these amounts.  Your individual results may differ.  There is no assurance that you will sell as much. The above figures representations were compiled using financial reports submitted by franchisees. We have not audited or independently verified these financial reports nor have we asked questions of the submitting franchisees to determine whether they are in fact accurate and complete, although we have no information or other reason to believe that they are unreliable.  No certified public accountant has audited these figures or expressed his or her opinion concerning their content or form.  Written substantiation for the financial performance representation will be made available to the prospective franchisee upon reasonable request.  We encourage you to consult with your own accounting, business, and legal advisors to assist you to prepare your budgets and projections, and to assess the likely or potential financial performance of your franchise. 

Make the move to succeed

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees come from all walks of life and we pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds of our franchisees. We continue to work to create a culture of success for each and every one of them.